Interior Northborough Dojo

Clark Jones and Peter McRae being issued OUKA Representative License

The Clark Jones Okinawan Karate School provides consistent quality instruction of a long-term traditional martial art in a professional and caring manner.

This school is dedicated to an adult program offering a consistent and supportive learning environment for all levels of ability. This authentic karate is a safe and effective study for adults, women, and seniors of all ages.

Active lineage with Grandmaster Shintoku Takra and Hanshi Walter Mattson translates into continuing development of Clark’s knowledge and skills.

Clark represents the Okinawan Karate-Do Association of Okinawa, Japan, and is located at Six Maple Street, Northborough, MA.




Karate in contemporary times is about healthy exercise.  
It is a vehicle for personal self-introspection and strengthening of mind by channeling your positive energy.
It is exploding as a fitness option for many professionals from all walks of life.
The confidence and composure gained through this safe and fascinating training applies to all challenges in one’s life – not simply self-defense.