Clark training with Grandmaster Takara in Okinawa, Japan

OUKA Master representatives performing Sanchin Kata in Okinawa, Japan 2013

About Uechi-Ryu

Uechi-ryu is one of the longest-term karate arts and was founded by Kanbum Uechi (pronounced “Waychee”) of Okinawa and further developed as a worldwide art by his son Kanei Uechi. Today it continues under the guidance of Grandmaster Shintoku Takara (Hanshi 10th Dan, Registration #2).

The Lineage Preserves the Essence
Though there have been a cycle of administrative name changes the art remains the same. From China it was referred to as Puon-Gai-Noon descriptively meaning “hard - and - soft.” Out of respect and familiarity to the founding and developmental contributions of the Uechi father and son the art became known as Uechi-Ryu. The evolutions in name are administrative only and have no effect on the essence of our practice.

Our organization is known as the Okinawa Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do Association (OUKA) and its mission is to preserve the art and legacy of the late Kanei Uechi.  As such, we continue to work in the same direction, are developing the same skills, and using curriculum as taught by our late founding masters. The essence of our martial art remains completely undisturbed.